Friday, June 5, 2009

Take The Good With The Bad....

Well, I feel like I have an ear infection because the whole left side of my jaw hurts, but when I tried to find the culprit, nothing was really tender until I stuck my finger inside my ear, and OUCH!!!
I've lost more weight without trying. I have no idea how. And I really don't know how to gauge the amount unless you wanna start with where I was when I went into the hospital to have Hootie. Let's do a little timeline......
I weighed around 170lbs. when I met Sean,
had and IUD put in the next month and over the next 2 years, gained about 30lbs.
Finally had it taken out, immediately got pregnant with Hootie at FREAKIN' 200LBS...
gained 37lbs throughout my pregnancy
Lost down to 217lbs and got stuck.....
Somehow went do to 212lbs.
Got on the scale this morning and weighed 207lbs.
Still in the FREAKIN' 200's, but atleast going in the right direction.
This is one of the hardest, crappiest, mentally draining, suck the life out of you, problems in my world. I constantly live my life saying "if I can only get to....."
and usually I'm saying "if I can only get BACK to...." which makes it that much worse on my psyche.....

Now, if I can only get out of the 200's......I've got a closet full of clothes that are literally INCHES to small.....
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  1. You absolutely can and will get out of the 200s! Believe in yourself that this is completely doable.

  2. I am there with you! Isn't it funny too, how back then we felt we were to big or whatever (at least I would always look at a picture and cringe) and now I look at the same picture and wish I was back to that size!

  3. You mentioned an IUD. Did you choose this option again after delivery? I just ask because the IUD caused me to gain weight and I dropped nearly 10 within two weeks of it's removal recently. Just a thought.

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